The aim of this project is to create a complete training system that provides a comparative overview on all the up-to-date Micro-Manufacturing Technologies (MMT) together with the technical and economical details, allowing the participants to improve the methodology and systems for MMT to design, develop and manufacture miniaturised products.

Micro-Manufacturing sample

Indeed, this system is still missing, but essential to provide the SMEs with all the necessary information to invest in the miniaturization of the products and the manufacturing technique most suitable for their production.

The partners will capitalise their multiyear experience in the research domain of MMT developing an innovative approach and methodology based on specific learning materials that will improve the capability of the technical managers in developing and manufacturing innovative miniaturised products.

The objective of this project is to build a knowledgebase that would help to translate Micro-Manufacturing Technologies into tangible industrial benefits and to discover the benefits from their implementation in the organisations.

The main idea is to create a coherent training program that will allow the participants to improve the methodology and systems for Micro-Manufacturing that implies design, development and manufacturing of miniaturised products in aluminium, titanium, steel, polymers, ceramics or any other new material available on MMT.

Micro-moulding exemples

The specific goals that the project wants to achieve are to enable:

• the product operating companies to develop new miniaturised parts/components exploiting the gained knowledge on the state of the art MNT boundaries

• the technology operating companies to optimise their processes

• the system which integrates the whole set of critical technical parameters and its combination, which affects directly to the Quality of the parts, from the design and manufacturing phases to the postprocess:

1. Design requirements for manufacturability of miniaturised products

2. Material: combination of metal, powder, plastics, silicon

3. Process: equipment, additive or subtractive processes

4. Metrology

5. The implementation of new business models based on customer needs, data capture design, logistics and manufacturing possibilities.

The e-learning platform will provide the users with all the information required to understand the available MMT. For each subject a virtual frontal lesson will be offered, which includes slides, videos and texts ad hoc prepared.

The first aim of the lessons will be to give a overview on the available technologies, presenting all the technical aspects necessary to understand the working principles, advantages, limitations and applications.

The main stream of the lesson will be integrated with a lot of deepening paths in order to furnish further on-demand information, including practical applications to provide hands-on experience. Therefore, the information will be arranged in a modular structure, so that the modules will be accessible on-demand during the lesson. Moreover, the lesson will be interactive, so that the level of comprehension will be continuously checked and, in case, the suitable deepening modules proposed. The interactive approach and modular structure will allow to better match the individual requirements.  Finally, at the end of each lesson a test will be proposed, in order to verify the learning of the user.

This online methods will be more affordable that attending training courses around the world and will help the dissemination of knowledge on Micro-Manufacturing Technologies. Moreover, all the online material will be supported by a book with further details and references.